Learn English With Barack Obama

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Be taught English With Barack Obama
Study , Be taught English With Barack Obama , , HXXKneGC7ZE , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXXKneGC7ZE , https://i.ytimg.com/vi/HXXKneGC7ZE/hqdefault.jpg , 1479485 , 5.00 , On this lesson you will chuckle and learn English with Barack Obama, ex-president of the USA. Obama is a superb... , 1593093609 , 2020-06-25 16:00:09 , 00:20:21 , UCKgpamMlm872zkGDcBJHYDg , Study English With TV Collection , 39528 , , [vid_tags] , https://www.youtubepp.com/watch?v=HXXKneGC7ZE , [ad_2] , [ad_1] , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXXKneGC7ZE, #Be taught #English #Barack #Obama [publish_date]
#Learn #English #Barack #Obama
On this lesson you will snort and be taught English with Barack Obama, ex-president of the United States. Obama is a superb...
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  2. 오바마 대통령님 하나님이 성경 읽는 거만 집중하게 했어요.
    정신 분열이 있어서 집중을 못해요.
    이건 높은 수준이야.

  3. I'm from Kenya and never been to the US but I'd attest to what Obama is saying. In Kenya we drive on the other side actually. You guys how do you even drive on the opposite side 🙆

  4. Bro, I'm improving a lot my Listening Skills with this, Fortunately i got a English Level that i Can get this talk, and Understand all of your explains, Great Job I Really Appreciated it..

  5. It's good to learn English through the Series, here I see one of my favorites President BARACK OBAMA, who led the country and loved the people in his heart. I love American DEMOCRACY.

  6. ⚠️ Don’t read it if you have a weak heart! ⚠️
    I have been asked by several relatives and friends regarding the special military operation in Ukraine. They want to understand the motive of Russia.
    Western medias have been showing the one side of the coin and never showed the opposite side of it. ⛔️

    ⁉️ Have you ever heard this news from Western media?
    1 Have you heard about Neonazism ( Azov Battalion, Aider) in Ukraine ? ❗️🛑
    2. Have you ever heard them saying that they gonna kill all Russian speaking people? ❗️🛑
    3.Have you ever heard western media showing Ukrainian leaders saying they will send nukes to Moscow if they get in Nato ? ❗️🛑
    4. Do you know about Donbas? ❗️🛑
    5. Have you ever heard 14000 Russian speaking people were killed In Donbas by Ukrainian Army? ❗️🛑
    6. Have you ever seen the mass grave of Russian speaking children In Donbas ? ❗️
    7. Have you heard the speech of Petro Poroshenko ex President of Ukarine where he said, the only place for Russian speaking children In Donbas is a bomb shelter? ❗️🛑
    8. Have you seen the selfies of Ukrainian army with the missiles dedicated to the children In Donbas before bombing in the Kindergarten and schools ( In those missiles it was written "All the best is meant for children"). ❗️🛑
    9. Do you know about the ideological leader of Ukrainian army? He was a war criminal and his team killed more than 850 thousand jews, 220 thousand polish( people from Poland) and 400 thousand Russians? ⁉️🛑🛑
    ❓How do I know this ? I speak and understand Russian. I can understand spoken Ukrainian language as well.
    Moreover, I have friends and relatives who had flee from Donbas region in order to save their lives 😢 – Dr. SiD, MD

  7. doubtlessly the TV series is the only source to learn fluent English without any hesitation. In my view every one need to make routine for this language.

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