Dangerous drivers & Driving fails – learn how to drive #479

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Unhealthy drivers & Driving fails – learn to drive #479
Learn , Dangerous drivers & Driving fails -learn drive #479 , , _VTPeW6lauE , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VTPeW6lauE , https://i.ytimg.com/vi/_VTPeW6lauE/hqdefault.jpg , 162229 , 5.00 , ALL VIDEOS ARE USED WITH OWNERS PERMISSION All footage is edited and I add a storyline and my commentary. That is ... , 1652394387 , 2022-05-13 00:26:27 , 00:08:06 , UC8FpG11hqfqr8n9a9LcxKzA , RR&BD Driving School , 2942 , , [vid_tags] , https://www.youtubepp.com/watch?v=_VTPeW6lauE , [ad_2] , [ad_1] , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VTPeW6lauE, #Unhealthy #drivers #Driving #fails #study #drive [publish_date]
#Unhealthy #drivers #Driving #fails #learn #drive
ALL VIDEOS ARE USED WITH OWNERS PERMISSION All footage is edited and I add a storyline and my commentary. That is ...
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  2. 5:35 – If you're going to cry about getting arrested, then maybe don't steal a car in the first place.

    6:36 – Real mature, Karen (I don't care what may or may not have really happened before the video footage began, that was still an awful and immature thing to do.) What are you? Five?

  3. If you are running from the police and placing others at significant risk idc what you're running for officers should absolutely be able to shoot a fleeing suspect. You risk innocent life you forfeit yours. I have seen too many instances of police chases ending with an innocent bystander killed.

  4. Innocent until proven guilty. 2:14 And that video along with the Police video should be able to prove that out.

  5. 3:50: What on earth was that DOT vehicle carrying? Was it a gasoline tanker filling up roadside mowers???

  6. Holy crap the car flying into the house. I hope it was the driver's home and they really had to take a shit so they were aiming for the bathroom.

  7. To the Dublin driver the pedal is a brake pedal but because you wanted to try out your dash cam as the idiot driver pulled out on you. That you could see was going to happen buy you thought feck it!

  8. 7:04 oh lookie, another Tesla brag. "Dur hur, I gawts me uh Y! Wookit me!!!" How many Congolese toddlers starved and/or were beaten for you to get that Tesla?

  9. 0:21 driver is seeking to cause an accident. You're not the police officer of the road moron. Drive defensively. Not aggressively. You really want to cause an accident and deal with insurance going up etc?

  10. YEAH STOP DRIVING LIKE IDIOTS !!! There is not need for that behavior and is disrespectful to others on the road/ s !! Learn to drive, go back to the dmv and take your written and behind that well test. Grow up !!!!!!!

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