How Ladies Take a look at Males & How To Deal with It (Every Guy Must Watch This)

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How Women Test Men & How To Deal with It (Each Guy Must Watch This)
Methods to , How Girls Take a look at Men & How To Deal with It (Each Man Needs to Watch This) , , HVRooko8CSA , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVRooko8CSA , https://i.ytimg.com/vi/HVRooko8CSA/hqdefault.jpg , 94557 , 5.00 , On this video, I react to a video about how girls test men and provides some other examples that every man ought to be aware of. , 1651071614 , 2022-04-27 17:00:14 , 00:19:07 , UCyYTkZ_ACRrbE1OV0rPngXw , Courtney Ryan , 4394 , , [vid_tags] , https://www.youtubepp.com/watch?v=HVRooko8CSA , [ad_2] , [ad_1] , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVRooko8CSA, #Ladies #Take a look at #Men #Handle #Guy #Watch

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  1. The only good thing about TikTok is that most people who use it have so little self awareness that they actually expose their immaturity. Also the irony of strong independent women who can't pay the bill 😂

  2. The only way to win is to not play the game. Let these women do whatever they want and worry about yourself. They usually mess their own lives up anyway. Relationships are pointless nowadays.

  3. As for the last bit, what if you never had past relationships? 😣

  4. They are saying to attract you need to be yourself and do what you like to do. This is definitely not true. You can be yourself and do what you like to do and women wont care because of other factors that she doesn’t explain…

  5. More of a reason I don’t ever want to waste my time again with women, playing some fucking games because they aren’t self sufficient and just jump from one relationship to the next.

  6. You mean, how women play stupid games and how men are supposed play their stupid games? Here is another reason so many men are bailing.

  7. I didn't fail any of those tests… what happened?!?!? Any advice on what happened? Yes, I'm acting weird now but it's because I'm soo confused…. I 33male met this, introverted, catholic school girl 28 that was very sweet and not much of a talker (convo starter). We texted a good bit (big paragraphs) for 2 months because I had covid, and when we met we hugged and smiled and chatted a bit and played darts… I told her she had a cute outfit and she told me mine looks "fitting for the occasion" we were just catching up on what we were talking about on our text messages. However, near the end, I lifted her up and held her like a baby for a photo, she smiled big for the camera. When we walked outside, I said I normally don't kiss on the first date and said "well, come here" and when I went in, she turned her head where I kissed her cheek/hair… it was awkward, but I played it off like it was nothing… We said our byes and 1 hour later she texted me wanting to see me that weekend with heart eye emojis.

    On our second date, things ended not that great. We played arcades, then bowling, then pool.

    I saw her, and hugged and said "I didn't know there were two entrances" (I gave her no compliment and she dolled up, too) She had a big smile.

    fast forward

    "Stay here while I get our tokens" (she stayed, but eventually followed me <3 )

    "I haven't been here in a while, when was the last time you played"

    "I remember when they had arcades at such and such"

    "so what you want to play first"

    we walked around the whole place to look at all the games, she said she likes skee ball so we played.

    I said "oh look, our score matches, it's another match!" I keep saying match because we shared so much in common (kinda weird/childish at 33 towards 28 girl) so that was mainly all I was doing… no physical touching or nothing.

    So after about 40 min, we decided to grab drinks, but the bars were closing/closed… so she said lets go to the bowling alley since they got drinks there.

    We went to the elevator and we just stand by each other… again, I never held her waist, hold her hand or nothing…

    we walked outside and we drove separate to met up to the bowling… big smile she had.

    we met to the bowling alley and we walked up and don't remember any convo to mind, we got our alcoholic drinks, she paid because she wanted to, we went to the counter to pay for bowling and we notice we had same bank cards (a match, I said… childish) and we got our shoes, we sat down told her about some jobs I was looking towards and she asked me a question, but I kinda didn't answer/forgot because I got in the process of entering our names… I made a tease with her name, she hits my had smirk/smile… and I corrected it… we sat down and we put bowling shoes on and she said "why you said you don't like bowling shoes" and I said "reminds me of clown shoes" … silence, so we grab our ball and played… I told a short 1 min story of the time I played with my friends in college doing something stupid rolling the ball slowl, she asked where was that at, and I told her and we just continued playing cheering each other on… again, nothing flirty, no nothing… bland. She tasted my drink and I tasted her drink, but I was drinking more than her. She smiled as we played, we cheered. We talked about something that we matched (same strike) and she said "Yeah… it's like we're related" and we continued playing and then I went to the bathroom, I came back and she was playing still (saw her on her phone, too) then eventually the game ended, she took my shoes and when she returned them I asked if she needed to go to the bathroom because she said she needed to clean her hands and she said "No!" and end up using a hand sanitizer… so we walked outside and I said man those drinks are really good and she said, "yah, you were really double fisting back there"… so as we walked I was like what else is there to do and she said we can play pool and we decided to walk over to play pool and we made small convo about glasses and covid… I notice she wasn't smiling much as before… so we walked up to the billards and told we can't come in with drinks, so I said "well, lets go in your car" and she said "no it's messy" and then I said well we can throw these away and eventually we did… we walked in, she got me a pool stick and we played, not much convo, just talking about how to shoot and eventually I saw her looking at her nails and frustrated face… I didn't say anything, just kept playing and eventually she said she was tired as if, I was boring her. I took her to her car, hugged and that's it… However, she texted me back two days later after I text her and she said she had a good time and is down for another date. However, I think she only did that because I made a nice text of checking to see if she made it home safely.

    I planned for that Friday, which we were, but apologized at the last hour saying she think it's best to rescheduled because of her having to work that night. She ghosted for a week and I started making plans, no response, I awaited a few days and made a comment of our last date, no comment, then a few days later I responded when I post a funny pic and told her I had a headache last date from the drinks with the medication for coughing. She apologized for pushing me to drink and said she just read the message.

    So before our third date she text me we can get nonalcoholic drinks because she cares for me with a kissy face emoji.

    Here is the rundown of the third date of what kinda went down. (Every door I held for her and other gentlemen things I did, too, like pick up her ball when she made it in the hole)…

    1)We met, we hugged, I asked if she watched the event show in town and she said no and asked if I did and I said yeah, which I asked her why she didn't check it out and she said she had no time at all to watch.

    2)We walked in, waited in line and talked about the pricing and that she'll pay and I said no, my treat (and I hugged her). We picked our golf balls (which I picked out her favorite color that I remembered) and I told her I'm guessing purple since it's your favorite (not much of a response from her other than cool, I think she said) so and I got my color ball, which I said it's my birthday month color (which she said oh…) we walked to the par 1 and our conversation is as listed:

    I said I'm glad there is some wind out, not many mosquitoes. Told her the last time I remember playing golf and I asked her when was her last time. Then I told her a funny situation that happened when I last went golfing which she somewhat laughed at. I asked if she had siblings… she was slightly hesitant but said yeah and that was it… so we focused on playing our game and cheering each other on. I said it's funny how we haven't talk about music, so I asked her and she said anything really… I said what exactly and she said anything she can hum too… and we kept playing and focused on our game and she'd react in a positive way if I almost made a hole in one or laugh if I messed up… towards the end I told her about another fun activity I saw and she said that was something she was wanting to do in a long time (hoping a future date) so then we finished our game, walked inside and she said lets play a few arcade games. We played a few games, and we sat inside an arcade shooting booth (she told me she isn't a fan of shooting, but went with me) I touched her shoulder than afterward, as soon as it finished I got up and she still sat there for like 15 sec… (maybe she wanted us to talk inside?) so when she got up and we walked to play her favorite game skeeball when she finished, I mentioned about the drinks, but she hits me with the tired cue… so she said lets go look at the prizes (we didn't get nothing, she wanted candy but I said it might be expired, so she said ok you get what you want and I said I don't want nothing… so we walked outside) I asked how about I come to her place and she said "What? Nooo" so we kept walking asked her a question about her work, which she talked probably the most out the night, but then we got to her car and she hugged me and said bye.

    So any ways, after the third date, I really screwed it up… I texted her two days later saying I had a good time and looking forward to seeing her again. I didn't hear back for a week and then I texted her how about we go to another date where we can focus on us and not on gaming activities… a few days go by and nothing, I started texting about how I started to slow down after she gave me the cheek because I wanted to respect her religious ways and then started saying oddly about being more open about flirting and I need subtle cues etc… and for her to get her head out the gutter if she thought I was referring to sex that night, I was wanting to hang out and talk with good intentions and if she is someone who is saving herself until marriage, it's no red flag for me. A few days go by and I texted if everything is ok and what I wanted us to do during our date. I started to tell her I'm sorry if I made her feel uncomfortable in paragraphs along with I hope you're not wanting to throw everything away, over a misunderstanding let's talk it out and then the next few days I sent her a heart gif and finally she said she thought she had already texted me but she wasn't in the right headspace for a romantic relationship and that I deserve someone better who can communicate much more regularly than she could, she also said that I did enjoy spending time with you, I really did.

    I started to text more after that within the 3 months and there is like 20 things of text now and she hasn't responded to anything… nothing to Merry Christmas etc… I'm just so banged up and don't know what in the world happen.

  8. its such a big BS that always man needs to be tested or they need to do everything, and at the end in 80% of cases she would walk away anyway, soo done playing games with women, I think its not worth chasing them or proving something

  9. The guy left because he was tired of the tests…I fail every test because I don’t give AF

  10. The problem is women want men to be those traditional gentlemen from back in the old days, all the while those same women want to be completely untraditional themselves and do whatever they please

    Which is complete BULLSH*T

  11. Most women in today's generation of post millennials are narcissistic. Just look at the crap on tik tok and Facebook.

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